MB-201 Mini Nano Filter

MB-201 Mini Nano Filter



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Mini Aquarium Filter Plastic Ultra-quiet Filter Small Fish Tank  Mini Aquariums Waterfall Filter 

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Name:  MB-201 Mini Nano Aquarium Filter
Material: Plastic
Colour: As Pictured
Size: 10x3cm


The MB-201 Mini Nano filter is ideal for small/Nano aquariums up to 20 litres.. The filter is well built and easy to take apart to clean and maintain. The foam filer has a high surface area for nitrifying bacteria and will keep water parameters where they should be as long as the aquarium is not over stocked or over fed and regular water changes are maintained as normal. This is why the Mini Nano filer is great for Bettas as it will maintain healthy conditions and does not have the heavy flow of power filters  which makes swimming difficult for Bettas.


  • Suitable for the small fish tank, shrimp tank, round fish tank, and the fish tank up to 20 litres with inconvenient pump installation
  • Easy to clean, take apart and maintain.
  • Improves oxygen levels in the aquarium and has biological filter foam to culture bacteria to maintain water quality.
  • Small and compact so does not take up much space in the aquarium.
  • Comes with 105cm of air tubing to fix to air pump (air pump not included)
  • None electrical so it is efficient too run.
  • Ideal for breeding and quarantine aquariums for fry and shrimps.