LH-600 Fluidized Bed Filter

LH-600 Fluidized Bed Filter



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Size: Height 24cm width 7.9cm

For: Aquariums up to 100 liters

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The LH-600 is made of a very high quality durable plastic and very easy to clean and maintain. The filter comes with the latest V-1 Filter media for high surface area which is beneficial for nitrifying Bacteria to breakdown the fish waste. The unit is secured by 4 strong suckers. The filter will need an air supply via an air pump (not supplied with the unit). The LH-600 also includes a foam sponge located in the bottom of the unit to filter out larger particles of debris.

Why Use Fluidized Bed Filters

Fluidized filters are one the best of the most underrated ways to filter your aquarium. Although this method has been used in commercial and aquaculture facilities for many years the benefits are only just been utilized in the aquarium hobby.

This type of filtration is a cheap way to filter heavily stocked aquariums by the simple use of adding an air supply. They also have the particular advantage in planted aquariums as they do not diminish the CO2 needed for the plants which is necessary for the plants to prosper. They also will not clog up like other types of filtration like canisters or internals. They will run for much longer and easily to clean and maintain. This is why they are a favorite with breeders.

The reasons that Fluidized work so well is the filter media is always in suspension and rotating and immersed in oxygen flowing from the pump. This enables the bacteria that breakdown and purify the water that reside on the filter media to be fully optimized, basically using 100% of the surface area 100% of the time. Internal and external filters can have restricted flow and dead spots, especially if not maintained regularly. As these filters only need an air pump this also an economical way of running your aquarium.

Why use them for Bettas?

Unlike cannisters and internal filters that have a strong external flow, fluidized beds do not agitate the water therefore the fish do not struggle to stay in the water column or have to fight against the current. This of course puts less stress on the fish and is also more like their natural habitat. They also are an efficient and cost effective way to filter when breeding Bettas in the early stages, such as before they need to be separated or when raising multiple females in one aquarium.

For this reason they can also be used for Angels, Discus and other fish that fish that come from lakes or very slow moving bodies of water.