Combo Special Offer LH-600 Fluidized Bed Filter and Peizo Air Pump

Combo Special Offer LH-600 Fluidized Bed Filter and Peizo Air Pump


99 in stock

99 in stock

Combo special Offer LH-600 Fluidized Bed Filter and Peizo Air Pump

Buy the LH-600 Fluidized bed filter and the Pezo Nano Pump and save £2.99

These two products work great together and will help to keep your aquarium sparkling clean with very minimal cleaning or maintenance needed! The Fluidized bed can cope with high bio loads  and the pump is silent compact and does not vibrate like traditional air pumps .
Description LH-600 Fluidized Bed Filter 
The LH-600 is made of a very high quality durable plastic and very easy to clean and maintain. The filter comes with the latest V-1 Filter media for high surface area which is beneficial for nitrifying Bacteria to breakdown the fish waste. The unit is secured by 4 strong suckers. The filter will need an air supply via an air pump (not supplied with the unit). The LH-600 also includes a foam sponge located in the bottom of the unit to filter out larger particles of debris.
Description Peizo Nano Pump
The Pezo Nano Air pump uses the latest technology to bring you a silent and non-vibrating air pump. Its small compact design makes it ideal for small Nano aquariums and ideal for Bettas.

Gone are the days of the old noisy vibrating pumps, this pump deliver the air volume without compromise. The pimp  is driven by thin piezoelectric ceramic plate which is different from the traditional electro magnetic air pumps. This pump has NO EMI, NO motor, NO shaft or other troublesome mechanisms, it also is economical to run only been only 1.5watts Because of this it makes it ideal for an office or class room environment. The pump is maintenance free, just remember to change air stone regularly.

The pump is secured to the outside of the aquarium by way of a rubber sucker. The pump also comes with air stone and 1.5 meters of airline included in the price.