Betta Bed Combo Offer 3 for £6.99

Betta Bed Combo Offer 3 for £6.99



94 in stock

94 in stock

Betta Bed Combo Offer!

1 Betta Bed Red

1 Betta Bed Maple

1 Betta Bed Bunk Bed

All for just £6.99


The Betta beds are a realistic looking leaf that provides  the perfect resting place for your special fish. Your Betta will be very happy that you have made him comfortable with this ideal gift. Many hobbyists use these and although Bettas it does take time for the fish to know what its for.

  • This ornament is east use and secure to the side of your aquarium.
  • Not toxic to fish.
  • A naturalistic leaf hammock for your betta
  • Perfect place for you Betta to rest near surface.
  • This is an artificial product