Atisons Betta SPA 125ml

Atisons Betta SPA 125ml


Product Features

  • The Wild Almond Leaf Extract* contains antibacterial and stress-relieving properties, which creates a more natural environment for your Betta.
  • Yucca Extract binds ammonia (NH3) in the water, allowing for safer fishkeeping in water without filtration or aeration.
  • Contains calcium needed by Bettas to activate muscles, reduce stress, and develop strong bones and scales.
  • Lowers pH and absorbs harmful chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Adds essential trace elements to the water.
  • Ideal for conditioning Bettas; promotes spawning activity and coloration.
  • Strengthens bubble nests.
  • Colors the water via natural tannins, lignins, and fulvic acids.

*The Wild Almond Leaf is also known as Terminalia catappa, Amandier de Cayenne, Badamier, Huu kwang, Indian Almond, Java Almond, Ketepang, Kobateishi, Tropical Almond, Sea Almond, etc.

Unscrew the lid of the 5 ml container. Squeeze to fill the 5 ml container with the amount of product you need to pour into the tank. We advise 5 ml per 8 liters (approx. 2 gallons) of water for normal maintenance or 5 ml per 4 liters (approx. 1 gallon) water for conditioning. Do not add salt to the water. Use with every water change. For tanks without filtration, we recommend a 50% water change every week.