Aqua Medic Aqua Breed complete

Aqua Medic Aqua Breed complete


Aqua Breed 1000 Complete

Hatchery unit for culturing and cultivating Brine Shrimp also known as Atremia.. This product can be used internally or externally of the aquarium as long as it is kept at the required temperature for hatching, as this will have an effect on hatch rate also. The Aqua Breed has the capacity to produce up to 2,000,000 per hatch. This makes it ideal for breeders of not just Bettas but all types of fish.
The Aqua breed comes with everything needed including air pump and wall bracket for easy storage and ventilation.  The large drain valve  has makes sure clogging does not occur when the unit is been emptied. A drain valve with a large diameter prevents clogging during emptying.


Technical Data

Contents: aquabreed complete reactor (app. volume 1 litre), support plate Ø app. 8 cm (app. 3.24″). Length: app. 52 cm (app. 17″). Hose connection: 6 mm (app. 1/4″), air pump Mistral 50 ECO