The story so Far….

Firstly Welcome to Totally Betta and thanks for visiting us and hope you find the products and information both interesting and informative.

I have been involved in the aquatic industry for over 30 years, this passion as with many other people  started as a hobbyist from a very early age. This obsession began with a humble goldfish then grew from one aquarium then before long we had a fish house with over 30 aquariums, keeping all kind s of different species.  I have been very lucky both in my career and hobby which has taken to many places all over the world, including visiting ornamental fish farms and even fish collecting expeditions. I have been involved in all aspects of the industry from retail to wholesale both in livestock and dry goods. This passion also led me studying  fish and I also hold a diploma in ichthyology.

Although I had a passion for catfish and Cichlids I have always been interested in Bettas. With their beautiful peacock looking fins and pugnacious and belligerent attitude.  They do have their soft side such as their soft mating ritual and caring protective parental care who could not find them interesting.

The idea for totally betta was started over 3 years ago. Myself and my wife were working in Dubai for the last years where I was CEO of the largest online and retail  pet stores in the GCC which also had a four large aquatic departments. I was always happy that I was still able to be involved in the aquarium industry even though the pet side took up most of my time. My wife Hannah had recently given up her job and was looking for something to do, she knew about my interest in fish (of course) and very quickly got drawn in to the hobby with special interest in Bettas.

The breeding aspect of Betta fish was what my wife found addictive  and with a readymade customer base in our stores this made it an ideal combination. However we always  found it difficult to find Betta related products both for a hobbyist and breeder. This is  when I pulled all my  knowledge and resources to scour the globe searching for products specifically for Bettas.

I wanted to come back to the UK as I missed family and friends and in 2020 despite what was going on with COVID we decided to return. This finally gave us the opportunity to concentrate on Totally Betta and to put all the things we have learned to good use both for you and your fish. Many of the products are not just Betta related but can be used for many other species also. Some of the brands you will already recognize these are ones which I have a long history with and there quality speaks for its self.


Please bear with us over the next weeks while we are building up our range and we really appreciate your support and any feed.

Happy fish Keeping!

Best Wishes

Phil and Hannah

P.s All the images we have used for this site were Bettas we bred and raised ourselves.