Indian Almond Leaves: Fish Keeping the Natural way


What Benefits do Almond Leaves have in the Aquarium and for Bettas.

Indian Almond Leaves are really beneficial for your Betta

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Improves the quality of your aquarium water the Natural way.

When added to your aquarium, an Indian almond leaf will gradually break down. And as it does, it releases tannic acid, tannins and other substances into your aquarium. The leaves release tannic acid in to the aquarium which lowers the Ph the natural way and give a tea like tinge to the water which gives a wild natural look to the aquarium which the fish are used to in their natural environment in the wild such South America and Asian Bio topes. Apart from Bettas other fish such as Angels, Killifish, Corys and shrimps also benefit from having almond leaves int the aquarium. . Natural remedy for your fish. Hobbyists particularly in Asia believe almond leaves have posses natural healing qualities. Especially against fungal infections after fighting or other injuries. This could be down to the fact that Almond leaves contain flavonoids which essentially give fruit there natural colours. One of these flavonoids contains Quercetin which has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits, which could be a clue to why breeders use this.

Great natural media for your fish to spawn on.

Many fish release their eggs (spawn) on or underneath fallen leaves. This helps hide eggs from predators or from washing away. Discus and tetras prefer to spawn on leaves at the bottom of a waterway. Anabantids such as Bettas and Gouramis build bubble nests on leaves that float on the surface attaching the eggs the tiny air bubbles Indian almond leaves provide ideal natural conditions for fish to spawn in such as water parameters. Reducing ph and Gh as nature intended. Many fish will only spawn under certain water conditions. And the reduced pH and water hardness may be exactly what is needed to trigger your fish to spawn.

Protection and food for fry

As the leaves naturally break down in your aquarium, infusoria a natural microorganism develop and help break down the leaf. Infursoria is an ideal first food for newly hatched fish.. As well as a source of food for fry it also provides a safe hiding place. Newly hatched fry happily feed on infusoria until they grow large enough that they need to switch to an alternate food source like newly hatched Brine shrimp (Artemia)

Great for some species of shrimp.

Shrimp like Indian almond leaves. They will use as a safe hiding place and a source of food.Well, shrimp love the taste. Your shrimp will happily munch on Indian almond leaves and the microorganisms that grow on them as they break down.[7] Why are Indian almond leaves recommended for betta tanks? If you were to see the native habitat of Bettas which is Thailand, Laos, Cambodia you would find they come from ponds or very slow moving bodies of water even ditches and paddy fields. These habitats are very murky environments which is down to the breakdown of all natural leaves which have fallen into the water often called black water. For Bettas Indian Almond leaves not only provide ideal breeding conditions but also a great floating refuge for them to attach there bubble nest to. Then as explained earlier a great source of food and security one the fry have hatched.